Dual sense
Stationery design / Feida / 2019


Let me introduce the highlighter, one of my favorite works. I think I like stationery very much.
Feida, a famous stationery company in China, had to make a new highlighter, and it was the product I suggested.
They also had to have low manufacturing costs and needed a unique type of highlighter.
It's a very simple product. I made it easy to distinguish by varying the shape
of the highlighter with a wide pen and a thin pen.

For busy modern people, time is precious and for a moment using a pen I wish they were comfortable.
You can choose the direction you need just by looking at the lid.
Although it has not been selected as a final product,I would like to
release itunder the name 'THIS IS'  if I have a chance.

This is just one of the projects.
If you want to create anything with us,
please contact us feel free.
Thank you.

Thank you!
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