O Brush
Dustpan & brush design / 2020

I want to make a not normaly dustpan. This is the new item
combined with objects to decorate your desk and a dustpan.
The reason why it stands is that the role poly toy is the motive.
You can put it down easily any way you want.
The front silhouette is looked like an object but if you
turn it and see the back view, you will know what is it.

Maybe anybody able to use it without explanations.
You have to separate it to use as dustpan and brush.
Not only separating it, but also merging it after
use are easy for everyone.

In fact, there is one more concept about O Brush. 
This is made a thin size to organize clearily. I don't like to see dust on the brush
 so I always hide it such as under the desk or deep in the drawer.
But the brush is used more than we thought, therefore I had to
designed it more beautiful and usefull.


This is just one of the projects.
If you want to create anything with us,
please contact us feel free.
Thank you.

Thank you!
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