Secret wave
Fence design / Global M / 2019


I designed a fence with a concept that uses ball joints.
This fence should include a good function called ball joint, and at the same time
should blend in well with the surrounding environment.

Materials that fit well with any environment and do not break easily were chosen.
But the form should not be rugged. It may be a little too much, but I designed several modules
together to use the fence in various ways. It can be installed efficiently in any environment.

By hiding ball joints, the exterior looks neat and can be used for a long time without failure.
All the components are made up of a structure that makes it easy to detach and attach modules.
Easy assembly is also important because many fences must be installed at once.
Anyone will have to be able to install.

This is just one of the projects.
If you want to create anything with us, please contact us feel free.
Thank you.

Thank you!
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